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Car Play Fence

This baby play fence has 18 pieces in total(16 panels+1 Game board+1 Gate). You can combine some or all panels as needed. By adding or decreasing the number of panels, you can combine them into different shapes. Suitable for all size room.

Each panel bottom is outfitted with double rubberised suction cups that create a sturdy base designed to withstand sliding from your mobile child and comes with external locking gate that is very secure and a great feature to walk in and out your toddler playpen. We add extra suction cups fix device to keep the whole playpen more stable.

This play fence comes with multiple games such as basketball ring, ring toy, turn table, sounding toys and drawing board that can help with the babies' development. The gate/door of this play fence can be used as a white board.

This package includes 2 in 1 horsey that can be used as a rocking horsey or a push bike (the bottom is removable), slide, swing, mat and ocean pool with 100 pieces balls. 

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